itel Mobile Celebrates 10 Years Anniversary

KAMPALA, UGANDA– OCTOBER 14, 2017 – itel mobile is proud to announce its 10th year anniversary as a top mobile phone brand in Africa.

“Ten years ago, itel mobile launched in Africa inspired by a mission to empower everyone with seamless mobile communication through reliable and trendy mobile devices. In a time that has been highlighted by harsh political and economic conditions, itel has achieved one decade of change and steady growth.” Said Alex Liu, itel Mobile Uganda Country Manager

In our 10-years journey, itel mobile has exhibited its power of change. In what started after a successful exploration of the African market in 2007, itel made that important decision to conquer this new market. A strong team of highly talented individuals was hence established. Ten years later this team has grown and itel is present in over 45 countries. Itel believes that a team is always stronger and the success of the last 10 years is as a result of the great team work.

Itel mobile has changed during its 10 years in Africa. Its products are better as it seeks to meet the ever changing consumer demands. Itel brand is now more influential; through team work and innovative devices, it has been able to double the number of loyal customers across Africa. All thanks to the loyal fans and customers, it has sold a landmark of 100 million devices.

The itel mobile power is within its products and team work. The powerful products are inspired by the demands of the consumers and the 12 months of reliable after-sale services that comes with all of itel products. On the other hand itel mobile has partnered with famous celebrities in Africa as their brand ambassadors. They have been instrumental in creating brand awareness and today, itel mobile is among the top 3 mobile brands in Africa, which shows the power of the brand. Itel mobile is grateful to its customers and fan groups that have grown stronger and put out the good word about itel mobile.

To show the gratitude to Africa, itel mobile has embarked on various CSR activities with commitment to give back to the community. This year alone- itel Mobile Uganda has taken part in 3 CSR activities so far that is a school for orphans in Nakaseke, the 39 year old mother of 37 children and recently Love Uganda Foundation that way we have implemented different programs to spread itel’s power of change to the community. Itel Uganda has supported these groups of people by giving them scholastic materials like bags, books, mathematical sets, sports materials, charts, pens, pencils, crayons and all kinds of food stuffs.

Itel mobile is looking forward to a vibrant future; the power of change will only get stronger as 10 years are being celebrated. Itel will continue to focus on empowering Africa with seamless mobile communication through reliable and trendy mobile devices.

Media Contacts
Kate Ng, itel mobile