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Android™ 8.1 (Go edition) Produces Powerful Performance and Maximized Storage

The newly released Android™ 8.1 (Go edition) makes smaller app sizes and more storage space possible. Custom-built for entry-level smartphone users, Android™ 8.1 (Go edition) offers an optimized system and way more control over how your content is stored.

Amplify Your Visual Experience Through a 5.0” Big Screen

Visualize more in the palm of your hand with A15’s broad 5.0” screen. Whether you are browsing the web, playing games or watching videos, view more of your favorite content through a spectacular visual display. A15 allows you to see all your media through a wider screen, while making it comfortable to hold in your hand.

Light Up Your Pictures with Front and Dual Rear Flash

Don’t let poor lighting get in the way of your picture-perfect photography. Equipped with a front flash and dual rear flashes, A15 helps you create the best lighting for selfies and pictures every time you take a shot. Brighten up your surroundings even in the most dimly lit environments and capture beautiful images.

Maximize the Storage Potential with 8GB ROM

Store more on A15 than on any other 8GB non-Android Go phone. With added storage space, you are free to save more pictures, music and videos on your device than ever before. Stop worrying about phone memory and start enjoying a wide array of content that can be easily contained and accessed directly from your phone.

Capture Beautiful Pictures with the 5.0 MP Rear Camera and the 2.0MP Front Camera

A15 comes with a 5.0MP rear camera and a 2.0MP front camera that both allow you to capture high quality moments. Taking beautiful photos has never been easier with the cameras’ built-in image enhancement features and functionality.