5000mAh, Power for 3 Days

Unlock Long-Lasting Energy with 5000mAh Battery

  • Stay powered up for days without worrying about running out of battery. Spend more time using your phone without being next to a power outlet to charge it. P12’s large 5000mAh battery lets you live unplugged and keeps your phone running at full power capacity.

  • One charge will support

    3 full days of continuous usage / 50 consecutive days in standby mode / 55 hours of ongoing phone calls and conversations (2G), 34 hours (3G) / 10 hours of various social media applications / 15 hours of high quality video recording and playback

Prolong Battery Life Even Further in Power Saver Mode

With three different power saving modes to choose from, you can extend your optimal battery life easily. Stretching out the time between your next charge by turning off some nonessential apps or functions, P12 can maximize the remaining battery life time to keep you powered up even longer.

Power Your Friends’ Devices Using the OTG Power Bank Function

P12’s long-lasting battery is not only strong enough to energize your own phone but also power up other devices. Using the OTG function, you can turn your smartphone into a power bank and share its extensive energy with friends. The function also allows your phone to be utilized as an energy source for USB lights and fans.

Take Ultimate Shot

Switching between the 5.0MP rear camera and 2.0MP front camera on P12 makes it easy to take eye-catching photos. Along with special features and camera functions that can help you amplify the quality of your pictures and selfies, you can produce exceptional photos with every shot you take.

Get Style and Comfort with the Unique Ripple Design

The back of P12 was carefully incorporated with a unique ripple design to provide comfort, style and protection. Not only does the wavy design look great visually, but also feels light and smooth to the touch. The sleek exterior and design fit perfectly in your hand.