More Than Big Battery

Generate 3 Days Energy from One Charge

One single charge provides three full days of power with P32 4000mAh battery. Due to Android™ 8.1 (Go edition) high-density battery and optimized system, the battery life will last throughout continuous days. Heavy phone usage does not need to be plugged in often.

Upgrade Photography by Dual Rear Camera

Take professional looking photography with P32’s dual rear camera. The main 5.0MP camera captures the image, while the assistant camera creates supplemental effects like a blurred background to further enhance your image. With automatic face recognition, P32 can also be utilized to create stunning portrait shots.

5.5” Fullscreen Expands a Wider View

Utilizing the latest fullscreen technology, P32 displays rich colors and provides a broad 5.5” screen view on an IPS display. All of your content is still able to be contained within a compact phone body size for further ease and convenience during usage.

The Slender 8.8mm Phone Model Provides a Relaxed Grip

As the slimmest phone model out of the itel Power Series, the P32 smartphone’s 8.8 mm phone size makes it extremely easy to grip and very comfortable to hold in your hand.

3 Modes to Unlock Power Saving Capabilities

  • Custom Mode allows you to manually adjust the normal battery setting to your own personalized preferences. Alter the settings as needed for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, data connectivity, and display brightness.

  • Smart Power Saving Mode will automatically make phone performance adjustments to extend battery life by up to 35% and is recommended for daily usage.

  • Power Saving Black Technology targets social, gaming, and browsing apps as areas to reduce power consumption while still maintaining a good user experience when accessing them. Extend battery life by up to 20% in this energy saving mode.

  • Activating sleep mode puts your phone to sleep whenever the screen is off to decrease power consumption.

  • While in this mode the phone will last through

    55 days in standby / 7.5 hours in the camera interface while shooting every 20 seconds / 11 hours playing videos / 12 hours interacting with social apps / 48 hours of phone calls (2G),28 hours (3G) / 11 hours of gaming / 100 hours of music playlists

One Fingertip can Achieve Lots from Rear Fingerprint Sensor

Separate from the App Lock option, which would lock an entire app, the Private Album features gives you the option for more selective privacy. You can choose to add certain photos or videos into the Private Album for your own personal visibility. This would be unable to be retrieved without the authorization of your fingerprints or password, while other content can be left freely accessible.