Prime IV

More than a Tablet

The 7.0” IPS Screen Generates the Ultimate Viewing and User Experience

See brighter and sharper visuals on the wider 7.0” IPS display. As a phablet, the Prime IV allows you to view and do more on a larger screen. Not only can it handle work-related tasks like checking and reading emails, but it also creates an immersive experience for watching videos or playing games.

Set a Time Limit on App Usage Through the Preloaded Kid Zone App

Protect your kids’ eye by limiting their amount of continuous app usage through the Kid Zone App. This app helps keep kids from playing hours of non-stop gaming without resting in between.

16GB of ROM Provides Large Storage Availability

Save all your favorite content and media on your phone without worrying about running out of memory. 16GB of ROM provides you with plenty of room on your device to store all your photos, songs and videos.

Take Beautiful Selfies and Portraits on the 5.0MP Rear Camera

Use the 5.0MP rear camera and the 2.0MP front camera to capture wonderful moments and memories in real-time. With the assistance of helpful features such as beauty mode, you can continue to take your photography skills to the next level.

Utilize Useful Functionality from Already Pre-Installed Apps

Pre-installed apps such as One-Click Clean, App Freeze, Multi-Account, Power Saver, Phone Manager and Font Manager are there to provide useful assistance whenever needed. For example, One-Click Clean allows you to free up background apps, while App Freeze disables infrequently used apps to save more memory.