Big on Style. Great on Power.

Dumdaar Battery. Dumdaar Power.

2500 mAh Battery with Super Battery Mode

Using the long-lasting 2500mAh battery, enjoy over 22 hours of phone calls and over 18 days of phone usage while in standby mode. Want even more power for even longer battery backup, enter super battery mode of your phone.

Spread out the Light

D7 Spotlight Torch

Bigger diameter torch enables more light to pass out and look brighter thus helping you see more clearly. With electricity problem, brighten your surrounding entire night with powerful battery and torch combination.

Bigger Display
Bigger Fun

with 6.1cm(2.4) Display

A larger phone screen lets you to see and do more than ever before. Bigger display allows you to enjoy enhanced visuals and view enriched content on your screen while having single-handed usage.

Feather Touch Keypad

it5616 can be perfect phone to flaunt among your peers with 3 vibrant color options and premium finish design. Moreover, with feather touch keypad, enjoy comfortable and smooth typing. With easy to use keypad, typing becomes smooth and fast without putting extra efforts to your fingers.

Let the Phone Speak for You

King Voice enables Phone to speak to you

Let your phone speak aloud all Menu itens, messages etc on every key press. It is a big asset to avoid going through reading text.

Local Language Supported

Input Langauge support for English, Hindi, Tamil & Kannada

Get read and write support for local languages apart from read support for 22 regional languages. Key languages of South India in top demand are available for user's convenience.



6.1cm (2.4) Display


2500 mAh Big Battery with Super Battery Mode


Big D7 Torch


Rear VGA Camera


1000 Contacts with Photos

Language Support

English, Hindi, Tamil & Kannada