Power 400

Umlimited Power

More Powerful than ever

2500 mAh Battery with Super Battery Mode

Get up to 60days of battery backup on standby. One charge lasts through 24 hours of even the most continuous, non-stop extensive use. Enable super battery mode for more power saving options for even longer battery backup.

Bigger Display, Bigger Fun

With 6.1cm(2.4) Big Bright Display

A larger phone screen lets you see and do more than ever before. Designed with a bigger display that allows you to enjoy enhanced visuals and view enriched content on your screen.

Save your Smartphone battery

With BT Caller functionality

Connect your Smartphone via Bluetooth and access all contacts, calls remotely from this Power 400. Also can send SMS and play music from smartphones.

No More Darkness

with Big LED Torch

Brighten your surrounding entire night with powerful battery and torch combination. This Big LED Torch emits sharp beam of light enabling more light to pass out and hence make the torch light look brighter and help you see more clearly.

Big Contact and Message Storage

2000 Photos Contacts Memory and 500 Messages

Get 4 times contacts storage than other brands with as many as 2000 contacts. Also supports to save photos for each contacts. Message storage is also doubled thus saving frequently deleting messages.

More Languages than ever

6 Indian Input Languages

English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and Gujarati supported for both input and reading thus more convenience and easy of use for phone users.

Power 400


6.1cm(2.4) Display


2500 mAh Battery with Super Battery Mode


Big LED Torch

BT Caller

Save your Smartphone battery


2000 Photos Contacts Memory and 500 Messages

Delightful Features

Wireless FM with Recording, Preloaded Games, Auto call recorder