Android Everyone

Smoother Experiences with Android Go

The latest optimized AndroidTM 8.1 (Go edition) OS and its reimagined inbuilt apps, which offers you 2x more available storage out of the box. It also helps you to control over how your data to enhanced data efficiency and ensure a smoother experience.

Nice Shot in Low Light

Thanks to the rear flash, now you can take good quality photos in various light condition. Just enjoy brighter shots whenever it’s nightfall, cloudy or at backlight.

More Storage, More Fun

The A14 packed with 8GB ROM, which offers more storage for your favourite photos, songs and even movies. It saves you 1.5GB extra storage compare with other 8GB ROM non-Android Go versions smartphones.

Quality Design with Exquisite Texture

The antenna line decorates the mellow body of A14, and its subtle texture covers every corner, the premium quality design makes A14 a superior appearance.