Muzik 400

Super Battery Super Experience

Super Soundbox on Your Hand

Muzik 400 is designed with ultra-high volume loudspeaker at the back to ensure the sound spray evenly at the space. Great companion for music lovers.

Entertainment on one-tap

Drive straight into your favourite zone right from
your keypad.

70 Days Powerful Battery

Muzik 4000 comes with a 3000mAh battery to ensure your power in control. 70 Days long standby time relieves even removes your anxiety about power-off anytime and anywhere.

Illuminate night light

Light up the dark with the Big 11mm diameter
bright Torch



6.1cm (2.4) Display


3000 mAh Battery with Super Battery Mode


Big LED Torch


Rear VGA Camera


2000 Contacts with Photos, with 500 Message Support